Routine appointments

Appointments are available by contacting us by:

  • Phone from 8am, Monday to Friday on 0151 677 0016
  • Patchs
  • Walk-in – Our Door Is Open
  • NHS app

When you call or walk in you will be asked some brief details by the admin team.

Pre-bookable appointments are available or which are accessible through the NHS app up to 14 days in advanced. These are primarily with a Doctor, so if you are specifically wishing to see a Doctor we would suggest a pre-bookable appointment when possible.

Care navigators play a crucial role in helping patients get the right support, at the right time. Therefore our staff will ask you some questions when you call to arrange an appointment to ensure you are signposted to the most appropriate service. We appreciate your co-operation when you engage with the staff while discussing your request.

Urgent Appointments

Limited on the day appointments are offered from 8am, these on the day appointments are primarily with Advanced Nurse Practitioners or Physician Associates.

Emergency appointment are also available.

Cancelling your appointment

Please use this Form to cancel appointments more than 24 hours in advance.

If you are unable to attend an appointment please let us know in plenty of time to assign your appointment time to another patient.

Consult with a Doctor online

The easiest way to contact a Doctor is using our online triage tool called Patchs.

Click the link below, you will be asked an average of 4 questions, and a clinician will contact you.

Home Visits

We would kindly ask any patient who is mobile (including using a walking aid, wheelchair or scooter) to see us in the Surgery. If you are poorly and think you need an urgent same day visit, please ring your request through to the Practice.

Always provide a current landline/mobile number that the Doctor can reach you on.

Home visits, whilst convenient for patients, actually offer a poorer standard of care compared to Surgery consultations. This is because of:

  • Poor facilities (e.g. poor lighting, lack of hygiene)
  • Lack of records and chaperones (required for safe care and examination)

The majority of home visit consultations could easily and safely be carried out in the Surgery.

You can also be visited at home by a Community Nurse if you are referred by your GP and, if you have recently had a baby or if you are newly registered with a GP and have a child under 5 years of age, you are likely to be visited at home by a Health Visitor.